When I am not researching, you may find me dabbling in the following endeavors...


What started as a casual hobby in 2006, programming has become an integral part of my daily life. I have made websites with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and JQuery; I have conducted statistical analyses using Python, R, SPSS and SQL; compiled and administered experimental stimuli using MATLAB and Inquisit, and; programmed software applications and dashboards using Python at Surethink Inc. In my spare time, I have combined by knowledge of psychometrics and programming to create a novel music recommendation system (pictured). Please contact me if you would like a demo.


Before science, music was my obsession. I wrote, engineered, and produced two full length albums: Victor Swift (2006) and Dreaming of Sleep (2009). I promoted my music by performing more than 380 concerts throughout 2007 and 2013; appeared on radio talk-shows; created YouTube videos; and conducted magazine interviews. Once I started graduate school, I naturally became less active in the music scene. Nevertheless, I have been steadily writing and recording new material and plan on releasing a new album in early 2023.


C.S. Lewis once said, “You can make anything by writing”, and I’ve sure tried. I have written and published poetry; popular science articles on the nature of invisibility and the implications of Nobel Prizes, as well as; many scientific manuscripts on topics in psychology, computational linguistics, and statistics (see Research section). Recently, I have begun drafting a collection of short stories exploring philosophical concepts through science fiction scenarios. If the ink continues to flow, I hope to one day publish my collection of short stories.