I am a Quantitative Psychologist (PhD) from the University of Toronto and the CEO of Surethink Inc.

My research is predominantly in the realm of quantitative psychology, where I have been continuously seeking the ground-truth of psychological constructs since 2013. In my early research, I tested the degree to which psychological models are obscured by self-report and statistical methods. This line of research naturally led to the development and validation of new methods of measuring psychological constructs. Today, I research how computational models based on machine learning can provide deeper insight into the human mind.

At Surethink, I develop computational solutions for broad problems in industry and academia. Right now, I am working on a machine-learning based software platform to provide deeper insight into the meaning of text. When it is active, you can find a demo of my platform on the Surethink website.


Ph.D. Quantitative Psychology, University of Toronto (12/2020)
     – Supervisors: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson & Dr. William A. Cunningham
     – Specializations: Computational linguistics, statistics, psychometrics

M.A. Social, Personality, & Abnormal Psychology, University of Toronto (09/2014)
     – Supervisor: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
     – Specializations: Psycholinguistics, psychometrics, personality

B.Sc. (Honours), Psychology, University of Toronto (06/2013)
     – Majors: Psychology & Philosophy