Throughout my life, music has been a fundamental indulgence. Romping around singing along to Queen records with my brother Mike, blasting Train's Drops of Jupiter in my sister's car, going to bed listening to Vivaldi's L'inverno, these are a few of my happiest memories from my early childhood - and such simple sweet moments set the stage for my deep love for music. In 2003, after weeks of pestering my parents, I acquired my first instrument: a cherry red bass guitar. I would rush home from school and play bass until bedtime, figuring out my favourite songs by ear, perfecting my technique, and writing bass solos.  A short while later, I got my first electric guitar and became intrigued with technical guitar playing. After countless hours of practice I resolved to start a band and take my position as a lead guitarist, though due to a paucity of vocalists in my home town, this dream had to be augmented. Thus, in 2005 I assumed the position of lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player in my first band, The Hours After
                In 2006, after experimenting with musical styles, I tested my writing prowess by single-handedly recording a full length album in my home. I performed the content from this CD across countless stages in Ontario, from Collingwood to Toronto, all the while honing my voice and finding my sound. In 2008, auditioning with my original song Heart of Stone, I got a golden ticket to perform on the Canadian Idol stage. Several days of jamming backstage  with the best undiscovered talents in Canada compounded my love for music and inspired me to write and record more music. In 2009 I released my second  full length album, Dreaming of Sleep. Like my first album, this work was entirely written and recorded by myself in my home. Heavily inspired by Radiohead, Jack Conte, Chris Cornell, Muse, and  Jeff Buckley, the album was an exploration of my song writing abilities in an unchartered domain combining pop and progressive music. Dreaming of Sleep garnered a lot of radio attention and triggered an avalanche of gigs, including a handful of which took place in sunny California, and a couple of which were accompanied by a full string orchestra. In 2010, my friend and fellow musician Joe Ianni, of Broken Guitars, invited me to play drums on his debut album entitled It Took So Long To Get This Wrong.
                In September of 2013 I will begin my graduate studies in the field of psychology at the University of Toronto (find out more here). I continue to perform, primarily on campus, and I am working on recording a third full length album, one song at a time.