Mocking Birds

Written by: Victor Swift

Search, for words
Through flocks of mocking birds
Who squawk the bitter truth,
At all the passing fragile youth

And take, it in
And rub it on your skin
To cover who you are,
Behind a mask you will go far

Those who dream too big have far too fall
Waiting in the dark will curtain call
All the little things don’t seem that small

Hit, the street
And stumble on your feet
To learn form your mistakes,
So you can fight when trouble wakes

And watch, the fools
And sharpen all your tools
And never turn your back,
The world is waiting to attack

Those who never try will rot away
Overdose on sleep and kill the day
Remember that the sky’s not always grey
Its okay

Follow me I’ll lead the way
To a better place

Listen to me, it will all be
Listen to me, blue skies will come
Listen to me, please don’t worry
Listen to me, why can’t you just
Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me, listen to me!

Why cant you just;
Search fro worlds through flocks of mocking birds
And never turn your back the world is waiting
Its waiting

Listen closely and beware
It’s an evil world out there
Follow me I’ll lead the way
To a better place

Why should I listen to you?
Why should I do what you say?
You don’t have the slightest clue
There’s no way to save the day
There’s no short cut
There’s no path
There’s no better place