Ph.D. Psychology, University of Toronto (September 2014 – Present)
Supervisor: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

M.A. Social, Personality, & Abnormal Psychology, University of Toronto (September, 2014) Supervisor: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
Thesis: The narrative of mental health: The relationship between narrators and narrative content as a basis for emotional dispositions.

B.Sc. (Honours), Psychology, University of Toronto (June 2013)
Honours Thesis: Connections between emotionality and descriptive, evaluative, and normative modes of language.


Swift, V. (2015). The narrative of mental health: The relationship between narrators and narrative content as a basis for emotional dispositions (Master’s Thesis). ProQuest.

Swift, V. (2013). Perceiving the link between Cognitive Science and Buddhism. Upaya: Undergraduate Journal of Buddhism and Psychology, 3, 45-61.

Swift, V. (2013). Enacting foolishness through procrastination. Inkblot: The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology, 2, 7-14.


The British Psychological Society Developmental and Social Section Conference 2015, Tapping into group opinions: Individual differences that predict consensus sensitivity. (Manchester, 09/09/2015)

Master Minds: Jordan Peterson & John Vervaeke discuss the Meaning of Life, Debate Moderator. (University of Toronto, 02/05/2015)

Mini Mind Matters III Conference, Conceptualizing Perception in Psychology and Buddhism. (University of Toronto, 05/04/2013)

Social/Personality Research Group Meeting: The Narrative of Mental Health: How The Types of Stories We Tell May Shape Our Emotions. (University of Toronto, (11/19/2013)


The Canadian Psychological Association's 76th Annual Convention, Developing an Narrative Based Objective Measure of Conscientiousness. (Ottawa, 06/06/2015).

Annual Psychology Department MA Poster Day, The Narrative of Mental Health. (01/26/2015)

The 2nd WPA-INA-HSRPS International Psychiatric Congress, The Narrative of Mental Health. (Athens, 11/01/2014).

The International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology 2014, Bringing Insight into the Classroom. (Kyrenia, 10/23/2014).

Toward a Science of Consciousness 2014, Refining Conceptions of Perception by Crossing the Gap between Religion and Science. (University of Arizona, 04/23/2014).


Academic Work Experience

Undergraduate Thesis Supervisor, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s Lab (September 2014 – Present)

Teaching Assistant, Positive Psychology (September 2014 – Present)

Graduate Research Fellow, Department of Philosophy, UTM (June 2015 – September 2015)

Teaching Assistant, Relationships (June 2015 – August 2015)

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Social Psychology (July 2014 – September 2014)

Teaching Assistant, Personality and its Transformations (January 2014 – May 2014)

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Social Psychology (September 2013 – December 2013)

Research Assistant, Dr. Cheryl Grady’s Aging and Neuroimaging Lab (November 2012 – May 2013)

Research Assistant,
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (September 2012 – May 2013)

Research Assistant,
Dr. Jennifer Tackett’s Personality Across Development Lab (2011 – 2012)

Non-academic Work Experience

Research Director, Commanding Presence (April 2015 – Present)

Research Assistant, Commanding Presence (June 2014 – March 2015)

Research Assistant, Commanding Presence (June 2014 – November 2014)

Research Analyst, Solar Tomorrow Inc. (2010 – 2011)

Music Teacher, King Guitar Lessons (2010-2011)

Researcher, Young Inventors International (2008 – 2010)

Independent Musician, Victor Swift (2007 – 2012)


Fundraising Director and Treasurer, FIN (2012 – Present)

Contributor, The Varsity: University of Toronto's Student Newspaper (2012 – Present)


Contributor, Grammateion: The St. Michael’s College Journal of The Arts (2008 – May 2013)


Event Coordinator, The Hart House Music Committee (2008 – 2011)


Community and Volunteer Activities


Entertainer, Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (2010 – Present)


Entertainer, Toronto Trek For Teens (2010 – Present)


Entertainer, Dominican Republic Education and Medical Support (2008 – 2011)


Master of Ceremonies, Hart House (2008 – 2011)


Frosh Leader, St. Michael’s College (2009 – 2010)


Actor, St. Michael’s College: One Act Plays (2008 – 2010)


Interviews and Media Relations


Broadcast Interviews


105.5 FM CJFB (11/10/2009)

105.5 FM CJFB (08/10/2009)


89.5 FM CIUT (27/09/2009)


Text Interviews


Demo Magazine (January 2009)



Fall 2014 SGS Conference Grant ($1,700.00)

Spring 2014 SGS Conference Grant ($750.00)

Second place, 2012 Buddhist Education Foundation for Canada Essay Contest (2012)

Top 100, Canadian Idol (2008)